About Us

Base Rehab was founded in late 2018 to improve the quality of Allstars cheerleaders knowledge and experience regarding strength, conditioning, the importance of basics and injury prevention.

Owner Brianna Ritchie, a qualified Level 1-5 Allstar cheer coach has worked with some of the countries leading cheer gyms. Not only does Bri specialise in Allstar cheer, she has undergone Cert III & IV in Fitness, as well as Level 2 Sports Trainer having worked for the National Rugby League for 8 years, and the Newcastle Knights for 6 years.

Base Rehab is the lovechild of years of 'in-gym' cheer coach experience, combined with the knowledge and passion for injury prevention that comes from working with professional NRL athletes.

Uniting a passion of cheer, understanding of injury management and prevention, as well as acknowledging the need for safe and correct technique in both Allstar cheerleading and tumbling, Base Rehab is your one-stop-shop for both workshops, programs and equipment!

Join us, as we dive into the Aussie Cheer world head first!


The Team at Base Rehab